Residential Products

Ken Adams Oil Service, Inc. is proud to provide your family and your home in Pleasantville and Egg Harbor, NJ with the following fuel products, available for easy delivery. Give us a call to place an order for your residential heating oil needs and fuel for your personal vehicle.

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#2 heating oil with UltraGuard

Ken Adams Oil Service Inc. treats all its #2 heating oil with UltraGuard to make sure the oil is as clean as possible.
Clean heating oil results in improved efficiency and fewer service calls.
UltraGuard contains stabilizers, organic dispersants, a corrosion inhibitor, metal deactivator, and biocide.
UltraGuard reduces service calls that result from filter blockage and build up.
·Provides stability to fuel
·Disperses existing particulate in a controlled manner
·Provides corrosion inhibition
·Prevents bacteria & fungus from establishing growth
·Demulsifies fuel
·Cleans and lubricates all fuel-wetted surfaces

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Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel


Blended with 9000 HE for all our cold weather needs, which provides the following performance benefits:
• Lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point
• Lowers Pour Point
• Prevents fuel gelling in low temperatures
• Disperses wax during extended engine shutdowns in cold climates
• Inhibits fuel filter icing
• Water dispersant to help safely remove water on a gradual basis

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Off Road Diesel Fuel

500 PPM

Non-Highway Diesel Fuel is dyed diesel that is used in construction and agricultural equipment and generators.

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Ken Adams Oil Service, Inc. has the equipment to lend and purchase for all your gasoline needs. We also deliver all grades of gasoline, including:
•Unleaded Gasoline, 87 Octane
•Plus Gasoline, 89 Octane
•Super Unleaded, 92 Octane